We are very proud of our farm, and our farming way of life which, at its heart, is the environment. We feel very keenly our responsibility not only to look after the farm now, but for future generations to come. We think that the best way to do this is to improve the farmland now, delicately managing the challenge of maximising output at the same time as protecting the natural farming environment.

What we do for nature

All of our farms are in agri-environment schemes, which provide funding to farmers provided that they deliver effective and appropriate environmental management of the countryside. Our own farm, and the majority of our clients’ farms are in the Higher Level Stewardship Scheme (HLS), or the subsequent Countryside Stewardship Scheme. These farms are committed over each 10 year programme to deliver a complex array of active and environmentally beneficial management practices, such as providing over wintering habitats for birds, or the provision of wild flowers for pollinators. The remainder of our farms participate in Entry Level Stewardship scheme (ELS), which is the scheme that underpins HLS, and aims to provide simple, yet effective, environmental management across the whole farmed area.

We fully support environmental stewardship of the countryside, and like to showcase our efforts to neighbouring farmers and other interested parties throughout the year.