Leaf Marque

NFL is a LEAF Marque certified business, and has been since 2012. The LEAF Marque is an environmental assurance system recognising sustainably produced products. It is a highly regarded, international standard, and one increasingly demanded by food producers who want to be certain that they are providing more environmentally responsible products.

To become a LEAF Marque farm, we have to go through a rigorous audit and assessment process annually, demonstrating that we meet the high standards LEAF set. These include our policies on energy, water, the environment and health and safety; a review of our landscape and conservation plan, how we engage with the public and our staff, as well as a forensic look at our farming systems on both a practical/operational and a paperwork level.

NFL is currently in the process of becoming a LEAF demonstration farm, which would mean we are good enough to showcase the work we do to other farms and farmers up and down the country.

NFL also conforms to the standards of the Red Tractor Farm Assurance Scheme for Combinable Crops, which reassures end users that our crops were grown sustainably, are traceable, safe to eat, and have been produced responsibly.

NFL complies with the Local Environmental Risk Assessment for Pesticides. All water courses that we farm around are protected with non-spray buffer strips around them. Nonington Farms complies with the government legislation Statutory Management Requirements for cross compliance, across the whole farm.