Cutting variable costs to focus on soil health

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Regenerative agricultural practices at Nonington Farms have started to show results as the focus moves away from high input high output and focus more on improving soil health. So much so that Farmers Weekly heard all about it, and have published an in depth article about our practices which you can read here. Efficiency is one of the cornerstones of … Read More

LEAF Demonstration Farm Launch

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NFL has now launched as a LEAF Demonstration Farm. On 16th June 2020 we held a virtual launch to over 80 people and were officially launched by Phil Spencer. We became the 41st such Demonstration Farm to be launched, and are currently the only one in the South East. Watch the launch here. The launch, chaired by Philip Wynn, Chairman … Read More

Coppicing in the woods

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Our coppicing programme is nearly over for the year. We have coppiced a few hectares of woodland, as we do every year. This means cutting down trees such as hazel and chestnut to the ground. By doing this we allow light to get on to the woodland floor, enabling flowers such as bluebells and garlic to thrive. Cutting down the … Read More

Spring Drilling

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At the moment we are putting some crops in the ground. They are going in during the Spring, so it’s known as spring drilling. These crops include spring wheat, barley and beans. We are also trying out oats for the first time too. Now that the weather is warming up after the winter, the soil temperatures are also rising. So … Read More